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Monday, October 29

29th Oct - EU Open

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The 6am Cut London – alphaville / FT
Emerging Markets Headlines – beyondbrics / FT

Debt crisis: live – The Telegraph
The Euro Crisis Blog – WSJ
Tracking Europe’s Debt Crisis – NYT
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3 Numbers to Watch: UK Mortgage Approvals, US PCE & DE CPISaxo Bank
As the US prepares for Hurricane Sandy we prepare for the week ahead, with new home loans in the UK expected to rise in September. Household incomes in the US are forecast to improve, while inflation in Germany is likely to edge slightly lower.

Asia Today: Hurricane Sandy or BOJ: Which will have more impact?Saxo Bank
Today’s Asian session kicked off with participants having one eye on tracking the path of Hurricane Sandy and the other on tomorrow’s Bank of Japan meeting. Activity was relatively subdued in both respects with USDJPY holding below the 80.0 mark. 

Market Preview: Eyes on German CPISaxo Bank 
European markets are expected to open mostly lower Monday amid concerns over a slew of disappointing corporate results. Meanwhile, markets are keeping an eye on German CPI and US personal income and spending data due later today.

Danske DailyDanske Bank (pdf)
Key news: US equity trading closes ahead of hurricane Sandy approaching New Jersey. Draghi endorses German proposal for control with national fiscal policies. Focus today on the impact of Sandy, retail sales in Sweden, Rajoy-Monti meeting. Market movers today: SEK: Retail sales, GBP: Mortgage approvals, USD: Equity markets closed due to hurricane Sandy; personal spending, EUR: Rajoy and Monti meeting in Madrid, JPY: Bank of Japan meeting starts

AamukatsausNordea (pdf)
USA:n taloudessa odotettu 2% kasvu * Japanin keskuspankilta odotetaan lisäelvytystä * Yritysten odotuksista jääneet tulokset painoivat Saksan korkoja 

AamukatsausTapiola (pdf)
Markkinan suunta: Markkinan valuminen pysähtyi, kun USA:n Q3 BKT kasvu positiivinen yllätys perjantaina. Osakefutuurit nyt miinuksella, indikoiden laskuavausta pörssiin. 3Q12-tuloskauden ”välitilinpäätös” – tulokset olleet linjassa odotusten kanssa: Liikevaihdot hieman ylittäneet odotukset ja raportoidut tulokset marginaalisesti alittaneet. Tulokset ilman kertakustannuksia todennäköisesti hyvinkin linjassa odotusten kanssa. 

Morning Briefing (EU/US): Oil changeBNY Mellon
Global demand notwithstanding, Oil’s slide post QEIII hints at a state of flux in the market


How much of the “improvement” in peripheral EZ sovereign creditworthiness is actually due to the CDS short selling ban? Bond Vigilantes

On Coordinated Monetary and Fiscal PolicyTim Duy’s Fed Watch
Moreover, I would find it unlikely that we pass through another two or more years of zero interest rates without seeing capital mis-allocations, assets bubbles, and excessive risk taking.  In such an environment, I don't think the Fed is going to be particularly successful in moving the economy off the zero bound without triggering a fresh recession. 

NYSE Euronext and Nasdaq: markets to close Monday, possibly also Tuesday – alphaville / FT
Bracing for Storm, U.S. Stock Markets to Close – DealBook / NYT
Markets Go Dark Ahead of Storm – WSJ
US Stock Markets Closed on Monday as Storm Hobbles New YorkCNBC
Citigroup, Goldman Sachs Shut Some NYC Offices for Storm – BB
Traders Brace for ‘Frankenstorm’ – MarketBeat / WSJ
Wall Street Prepares to Work From Home as Storm Approaches – DealBook / NYT
New York Mayor Orders Evacuation Of "Zone A" Residents – ZH

The RBA – leaning against the windalphaville / FT
Is the Reserve Bank of
Australia intervening in the market to hold down the remarkably resilient Aussie dollar?

Just Who is Xi Jinping?The Diplomat
In the coming weeks, analysts around the globe will make their predictions regarding China's presumed next leader. The task won't be easy.

The Wen Family EmpireNYT
Beginning with diamonds in the 1990s, the relatives of Wen Jiabao amassed a fortune by forming a complex business network that bought stakes in sectors as varied as real estate and telecommunications.

Trying to combat Hong Kong's housing bubbleSober Look
Hong Kong is taking extraordinary measures in an attempt to arrest what increasingly looks like a residential property bubble - much of it driven by foreign capital inflows

Jotain mätää Tanskanmaalla – miksi Tanska ei ole toipunut yhtä hyvin kuin Ruotsi? tyhmyri

Ovatko nämä euroeliitin todelliset kasvot – poliitikkojen veronkierron paljastanut vankilaan Kreikassatyhmyri

Euron kriisi ei ratkea ilman devalvaatioitaHS
Vieraskynä: Kriisimaat tarvitsevat kipeästi sisäistä devalvaatiota. Yhteisvastuu veloista voi pahentaa tilannetta.

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