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Saturday, August 11

11th Aug - Weekender: Weekly Support

Here is the ending week in review and the next one previewed. Happy weekend and check back on Sunday for another post. I will update this post as new stuff comes online.

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Weekly Scoreboard – Between The Hedges
Weekly Eurozone Watch – Global Macro Monitor
Week in Review – Global Macro Monitor
US market portrait 2012 week 33 – Portfolio Probe

Summary for Week ending Aug 10thCalculated Risk
The few economic releases this week were mostly a little more upbeat than we’ve seen recently.

The Weekender beyondbrics / FT

The Weekenderalphaville / FT

Succinct summation of week’s eventsThe Big Picture

Weekly Bull/Bear Recap – Rational Capitalist Speculator

Week in Review – DealBook / NYT

Podcast: MarketBeat Week (19min) – MarketBeat / WSJ
The five-year anniversary of the unofficial start to the financial crisis and the end of earnings season.

Politics this weekThe Economist

Business this weekThe Economist

Schedule for Week of Aug 12thCalculated Risk
This will be a very busy week for economic data. There are two key housing reports to be released this week: August homebuilder confidence on Wednesday, and July housing starts on Thursday. Another key report is retail sales for July. For manufacturing, the August NY Fed (Empire state) and Philly Fed surveys, and the July Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization report will be released this week. On prices, PPI for July will be released on Tuesday, and CPI will be released on Wednesday.

Next Week’s TapeMarketBeat / WSJ
Retailer Earnings, and Housing Soundings

S&P 500 Earnings Week AheadReuters

Wall St Week Ahead Reuters
It's another one of those moments that always follow a big move in the stock market: Either you're a believer - or you're not. Right now, the market has its fair share of both.

Global Markets Week AheadReuters
Global investors hunkered down in the bunkers of world markets have made their first tentative moves to re-emerge blinking into the sunlight even though the coast is still far from clear.

Global Week aheadNordea (pdf)
Markets are waiting for cues to take new direction – cues about possible decisive ECB intervention and/or more evidence that the big economies are starting to recover modestly. For decisive ECB action we need 1) the details of the new ECB intervention program 2) Spain asking for EFSF intervention/pre-cautionary credit line with potentially massive ECB support attached 3) Germany signing somewhere in the bottom. I believe this is likely within the next two months. So listen (most) carefully to speeches from Draghi, Rajoy, Weidmann, and the German government.

Weighing the Week Ahead: Time for Politics?A Dash of Insight

Starting the Week – RCS

Key Events In The Coming Week Goldman Sachs / ZH

Weekly Preview – BNY Mellon

Government bonds weekly: Time to pay the tollDanske Bank (pdf)

Weekly Focus: Markets supported by Draghi's visionDanske Bank (pdf)
  US retail sales should strengthen after three months of weakness, while inflation should remain modest. The first regional PMIs will be watched closely for hints of a bottoming in the ISM. Focus will continue to centre on the development in the sovereign bond markets in Italy and Spain. Investors are awaiting more info on when/whether Spain will request EFSF assistance and details on how the ECB could intervene. On the data front, we expect a drop of 0.1% in Q2 euro area GDP.  Japan Q2 GDP is expected to post the second straight increase in a row, rising 1.9% q/q annualized down from the hefty 4.7% in Q1. If we see the economy losing steam over the coming quarters, it could bring the Bank of Japan back into play.

– The Short Side of The Long

Currency Positioning and OutlookMarc to Market
Subsequent reports suggest there was not a formal vote and Weidmann may not be as isolated as Draghi would have us believe…If at first the market responded by the lack of ECB action, and then focused on the implication of Draghi's proposal to buy short-term bonds, perhaps it will now come over to our view and focus on the conditions Draghi imposed on the resumption of ECB bond buying. 
The Weekend T Report:– TF Market Advisors

Weekly Credit UpdateDanske Bank (pdf)
A dull week in credit markets * Disintermediation will continue * Higher utilisation of balance-sheet encumbrance not a credit negative.

EMEA Weekly, Week 33Danske Bank (pdf)

Highlights from Monday’s FTfm – alphaville / FT

Emerging: Week Aheadbeyondbrics / FT

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Monthly Economic Calendar –
Economic Calendar – BB
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