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Monday, August 13

13th Aug - US Open

Still very sleepy holiday markets.

IMF Says Bailouts Iceland-Style Hold Lessons For Crisis Nations This would normally be a good thing (IMF acknowledging Iceland) except it is probably oing so for a specific reason: because it wants bondholder cramdowns for Spanish banks. The wee problems with that is many Spanish depositors were pushed to buy preference shares, which they were told were as safe as deposits. There will be social revolt if these savers are wiped out. I don’t have a solution, but failing to cushion the blow will be explosive. – naked capitalism

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  CDU deputy warns that Germany will not agree to further aid for Greece; Spanish and Italian property markets stall

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'Trust No One Over 30!' Euro Crisis Morphs into Generational ConflictSpiegel
People vs. banks, north vs. south, and rich vs. poor? While all of these conflicts may be real, one of the biggest issues of the euro crisis is rarely discussed: Older people are living at the expense of the young, and it's high time the next generation took to the streets to confront their parents.

Is the euro the 21st century gold standard?Economist’s Forum / FT
Negotiated devaluation and withdrawal from the euro is the best route back to economic health for some peripheral countries.

How We'll Build European Monetary Union 2.0Olli Rehn Opinion / WSJ
Europe is committed to building a genuine economic union to strengthen our existing monetary union.

Euro-area banks exiting the USDeutsche Bank

Avoiding an Italian bailout: Why and how
Spain looks set to turn to the EFSF for a formal bailout subject to stringent conditionality. In this column, Francesco Giavazzi – one of Europe’s leading macroeconomists and an advisor to the Monti government – argues that Italy’s situation is nothing like Spain’s. To avoid submitting itself to its EFSF conditionality, Italy should reduce its borrowing needs with a determined programme of public asset sales and bridge financing from the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti.

Vampire squid starting to like SpainIbex Salad
Goldman Sachs has written two fairly positive notes about the country in the past week or so.

State-backed bond-buyers?alphaville / FT
What ails the bond markets, and makes them unable to do their job of price-clearing in the present moment, is now beyond any fiscal backstop’s ability to fix – even one monetarily enhanced. The fix, like the problem, either reaches monetary-scale or there will eventually be a sequence of painful write-downs as the fiscal transfer of choice.

Berlusconi Redux Will the 'Jesus Christ of Politics' Rise Again?Spiegel
Silvio Berlusconi had Italy in his grip for two decades before personal and political crises forced him to step aside. Opponents may hate him and supporters may admire him, but one things seems increasingly possible: The macho clown may seek a political comeback.

Wonkbook: A Paul Ryan primer Wonkblog / WP
a primer on Paul Ryan, his policies, and what he may or may not mean to the election. Read on for everything you need to know about the wonk from Wisconsin.

Through The Jackson Hole Again?BofA / ZH
So what happened in the last run up to the 2010 Jackson Hole meeting? Here is a visual and factual summary.

The Disappearing Market The Big Picture
There are times when the market gives the impression it is fading into nothingness… Looking back at history, when that happens it is almost always a sign of a market high point.

Crouching tiger, hidden profit Humble Student
I've been pondering the apparent divergence between the Shanghai Composite and commodity-based indicators of Chinese growth. The Shanghai Composite remains in a downtrend. Even though it has staged a recent rally, the intermediate term trend is still down.

Things that stop Chinese government from aggressive policy easingASA
real estate market has been warming up much quicker than the government would like to see. 

Commodity momentum update: Corn about to turn?Saxo Bank

Shale oil everywhere… for a whilealphaville / FT
Previously marginal resources can now be economically extracted. Even the Europeans are getting excited about it. It’s a game changer. You can probably guess what’s coming next…

Equity Review: Market continues to rally on absolutely nothingSaxo Bank

Suomen kilpailukyky – yksi kuva kertoo aika paljonTyhmyri

Kotimaan talous kunnossa?Henri Myllyniemi / US Puheenvuoro

Pari passusta (samaa tahtia) kansallisiin pelastajarahastoihinSami Miettinen / US Puheenvuoro

Suomi torjuu EKP Bond hankinnat – Manager Magazin Google Translation Finnish, English
Katainen Der Spiegelille: "Perussuomalaisilla ei mitään vaikutusta hallituksen linjaan"IS

Kataisen neuvo kriisimaille: Tehkää kuten Suomi teki laman aikanaHS