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Thursday, August 16

16th Aug - US Open

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Katainen: 'There Are No Simple Tricks to Resolve the Crisis'Spiegel
Finnish Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen, 40, urges the crisis-hit countries of Southern Europe to issue bonds backed by state-owned assets and rejects a proposal to give the euro rescue fund a banking license. The euro zone, he says, is like a family in which some members broke their promise to respect the rules.

Turkey and the Euro Crisis: EU Membership Losing Its AppealSpiegel
Amid the euro crisis drama, Turkey has seen economic growth as its European neighbors have suffered. As a result, the country has a newfound confidence that makes EU membership seem less important. But the waning aspiration could stall important democratic reforms.

Beware the unintended consequences in Greeceeconomistmeg
If the troika does not grant the Greek government any concessions on its bailout programme, it is highly likely that the two junior parties—the Democratic Left and Pasok—will drop out of government. This would precipitate fresh elections, the third for this year alone.

Greece Before the Abyss: Only Bankruptcy Can Help NowSpiegel
Greece has disappointed its creditors yet again. Now its government plans to ask for more time -- and needs billions more in aid. But Greece's euro-zone partners are unwilling to provide any more help, meaning that the only hope now is to admit defeat and let the country make a fresh start.

Greece to Request Extension on Austerity MeasuresSpiegel
Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras is expected to have a difficult mission next week. He wants to persuade German Chancellor Angela Merkel to ease strict austerity conditions on his country, and he may also need to ask for billions in additional aid. Speculation is also growing about a possible bond-buying program for Spain.

European Finance Association 2012 ConferenceEFA (pdf)
Full schedule and list of papers to be presented. Click the titles on the pdf for the full papers (directory here)

This economic twilight zonealphaville / FT
Morgan Stanley’s updated global growth forecasts

Kreikkalaiset ovat tehneet melkoisen tempun – mutta mikä on kansalaisten maksama hinta – tyhmyri

Kreikan hallitus estää yksityistämisen, ex-toimitusjohtaja väittää – TE

Inflaatio-odotukset Jenkkilässä – Voi hyvä Jumala, mitä FED oikein meinaa? – tyhmyri

Ei “rahan” luomiseen pankkeja tarvita – onnistuu se muiltakin – tyhmyri

Velka/BKT - mitä se tarkoittaa – Ville Kauppinen / US Puheenvuoro