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Saturday, August 25

25th Aug - Weekender: Weekly Support

Here is the ending week in review and the next one previewed. I will update this post as new stuff comes online.

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Weekly Scoreboard – Between The Hedges
Weekly Eurozone Watch – Global Macro Monitor
Week in Review – Global Macro Monitor
US market portrait 2012 week 35 – Portfolio Probe

Summary for Week ending Aug 24thCalculated Risk
The key sentence of the week was from the FOMC minutes of the last meeting: “Many members judged that additional monetary accommodation would likely be warranted fairly soon unless incoming information pointed to a substantial and sustainable strengthening in the pace of the economic recovery.”

The Weekenderbeyondbrics / FT

The Weekenderalphaville / FT

Succinct summation of week’s eventsThe Big Picture

Week in Review: A Defeat for SchapiroDealBook / NYT
In an effort to curb money market funds, a Plan B is considered * The New York Fed sold the last of its A.I.G. bailout bonds * Jesse Eisinger uncovered a TARP move that wouldn't help taxpayers * Andrew Ross Sorkin said investors in health care were betting on President Obama

Podcast: In the Balance: Biofuels and Food Prices (26min) – BBC (mp3)
Are biofuels responsible for rising food prices? High food prices are again a cause for concern. In the Balance debates to what extent it's the result of food crops being used to make biofuels. Ruth Kelly from Oxfam says they must take some of the blame. Clare Wenner of the Renewable Energy Association in the UK defends them. David Hallam from the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation explains the strains that are showing in the global food situation. And as Europe and North America get back to work, do holidays do us, or our employers, any good at all? Our resident comedian Colm O'Regan says that he takes lots of holidays - each one lasting just an hour.

Podcast: MarketBeat Week (26 min) MarketBeat / WSJ
Stocks are trading close to multi-year highs, but there are still many reasons for caution. The MarketBeat team discusses it all and more on this week's podcast. (26 minutes)

Politics this weekThe Economist

Business this weekThe Economist

Schedule for Week of Aug 26thCalculated Risk
The most anticipated events this coming are the speeches by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke (Friday) and ECB President Mario Draghi (Saturday) at the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium . Key economic releases include the Case-Shiller house price index on Tuesday, the second estimate of Q2 GDP on Wednesday, and July Personal Income and Spending on Thursday.
Next Week’s Tape: Jackson Hole, Bernanke…and Draghi, TooMarketBeat / WSJ
Next week's big event is the Federal Reserve's annual Jackson Hole symposium, which features not only Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, but ECB President Mario Draghi as well.

S&P 500 Earnings Week AheadReuters

Wall Street Week AheadReuters
S&P to rise after wild ride to Jackson Hole * The streak is over, but is the trend intact?

Global Markets Week Ahead – Reuters

Global Week aheadNordea (pdf)
Global Week ahead (with Sweden)Nordea (pdf)
New policy signals are eagerly awaited from major central banks at the moment, not least from the US Fed and the ECB.

Weighing the Week AheadA Dash of Insight
Since the decision for QE II is linked to Fed Chair Bernanke's 2010 speech to the annual Economic Symposium at Jackson Hole, some expect a similar outcome this time.  There is obvious confusion.

Starting the Week – RCS

Key Events In The Coming Week – Goldman Sachs / ZH

Weekly Preview – BNY Mellon

Weekly Focus: Fragile - handle with care...pleaseDanske Bank (pdf)
At the Jackson Hole Monetary Policy Conference, Ben Bernanke might reveal more details on the near-term path of monetary policy.  Greek Prime minister Antonis Samaras is due to meet Fran├žois Hollande on Saturday for further discussions on extending the Greek rescue package.

Market Analysis: Hedge Fund Positioning In Commodities The ShortSide of The Long

FX Technical Outlook and Futures PositioningMarc to Market

The Weekly T ReportTF Market Advisors
Reading the Big Short Can Be Dangerous to Your Wealth

Weekly Credit UpdateDanske Bank (pdf)

EMEA Weekly, week 35Danske Bank (pdf)

Highlights from Monday’s FTfmalphaville / FT

Emerging: Week Aheadbeyondbrics / FT

BNP FX Weekly: Adding EUR Longs; Switching USD Shorts alphaville / FT

Citi-Global Macro Strategy – alphaville / FT

Citi-FX Technical Roundupalphaville / FT

Nomura: At last a bazooka?alphaville / FT

Economic Calendar –
Monthly Economic Calendar –
Economic Calendar – BB
EU calendar –


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