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Tuesday, August 7

7th Aug - US Open: Turncoating

Not much happening - everyone is waiting for the central bankers to make their move - and in Europe, the national politicians. The picture is again looking somewhat negative. I wrote elsewhere today that

-after Draghi's speech, everyone got bullish
-when the ECB meeting produced nothing, everyone got bearish
-after thinking for couple of days, many believed the ECB plan makes perfect sense
-now we are hearing that the plan is currently not workable

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Is Draghi’s EuroRescue Plan Coming Unglued?naked capitalism
No sooner had some astute Euro commentators noted that Draghi might have found a path through the Euro mess to keep it patched up long enough for to impose austerity on the periphery and drive all of Europe into a lovely depression, various elements of his plan look as if they were coming unglued.

Chief Economist’s Corner: Super Mario nowhere near “Game over”Nordea
Against this backdrop, it seems that Super Mario’s plan for saving the euro and at the same time avoiding high inflation is based on large-scale purchasing of government bonds.  I think he will be able to fulfil this task also – with a little help from the political establishment.

SPD and eurobonds: will they, won't they?Open Europe
party was prepared to change its eurozone policy by accepting collective debt liability in exchange for stricter budgetary oversight, claiming that the Merkel government’s current strategy had failed

You're wrong, Signor Monti: National parliaments are not the problem - they're the solutionOpen Europe
If he thinks that the Europe that emerges from the eurozone crisis can be built on backroom deals struck between a handful of EU leaders, under the radar of national parliamentary scrutiny, he may be in for some very unpleasant surprises.

Orders and Production: No Time for ComplacencyJohn Mauldin / The Big Picture
A look at the macrodata.

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