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Sunday, August 12

12th Aug - Weekender: Views & Off-Topics

To round up the week, couple of thoughts on the markets and some relaxing bedtime reading.

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Let's first take a look at the Spanish 10 year bond yield chart. Last summer the yield spikes were contained by the ECB's bond purchases (Securities Market Program SMP), until markets realized it is a bad idea, and not a substitute for real quantitative easing. Then before last Christmas ECB announced two rounds of cheap credit  (Long-Term Refinancing Operations LTRO) to banks against collateral (mostly crisis country bonds were used).

Couple of weeks ago when Draghi came out with his believe me-speech, another drop in yields followed. But what has happened outside these central bank actions? Nothing. The path of least resistance has been up, all the time up. The charts are saying that the political leaders have not helped at all.

I am betting that the above picture will continue until the point of either 1) a full fiscal union or 2) a break-up with realistic haircuts and much-needed exchange rate adjustments is reached. The second chart shows the 5 year credit default swap price on the Spanish bond. As the SMP was not intervening in this market, the above story is even clearer here.

The Spanish bond prices are near levels where the crisis could reignite - but there is a chance that the politicians will open the floodgates and let the ECB drown the markets in liquidity. If we would get a political solution and ECB action, the above ever-worsening trend with only temporary blimps of improvement would end for now.

My view is that the problems are too big: Greece will utterly fail, Portugal and Ireland are in need of more help, while Spain will surely and Italy most probably will continue deteriorating. Just looking at the house price index in Spain kind of proves the pessimistic vision: the deleveraging has only started, and at least 300bn will be needed on top of the 100bn already promised to them.

My last week's views did not play out perfectly: I was bearish on EURUSD and expected the stock indices to rise in the early part of the week and towards the end of the week become disillusioned and drop. The EURUSD did what I told it to do, but stock prices failed to drop. I heard the Friday's trading volume was the lowest this year since 4th July, the US independence day.

I am still bearish on EURUSD, but expect it to trade in a range of 1.24-1.22, maybe even the whole week. I'd very much would like to see lower prices in the stock indices, and would like to buy around 1360-1350 if a dip comes. The European calendar is mostly empty next week, but that does not mean there won't be contradictory and surprising statements of support from the talking heads. Plenty of US data coming, so I suggest you take some time to read my Weekly Support post.

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