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Friday, August 17

17th Aug - Weekender: Weekly Support

Here is the ending week in review and the next one previewed. Happy weekends and do take the time to see the classic lecture on the exponential growth – if you lose your will to live because of that, don’t blame me – it’s the math, stupid :=). 

I will update this post as new stuff comes online, and the usual Weekender-posts are coming, so check back during the weekend. And do scroll down for some interesting articles (in Finnish) on Finland's recent fumbling.

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Weekly Scoreboard – Between The Hedges
Weekly Eurozone Watch – Global Macro Monitor
Week in Review – Global Macro Monitor
US market portrait 2012 week 34 – Portfolio Probe

Summary for Week ending Aug 17th Calculated Risk
The economic data was a little more upbeat this week. Retail sales were up sharply in July… Now we are starting to see a rebound for housing.

The Weekenderbeyondbrics / FT

The Weekenderalphaville / FT

Succinct summation of week’s eventsThe Big Picture

Weekly Bull/Bear Recap – Rational Capitalist Speculator

Week in ReviewDealBook / NYT
Podcast: MarketBeat Week (28 min) – MarketBeat / WSJ

Politics this week The Economist

Business this weekThe Economist

Schedule for Week of Aug 19thCalculated Risk
There are two key housing reports to be released this week: July existing home sales on Wednesday, and July new home sales on Thursday. On Friday Durable Goods orders for July will be released. There are a few key European meetings and announcements on Thursday and Friday

Next Week’s TapeMarketBeat / WSJ

S&P 500 Earnings Week AheadReuters

Wall St Week Ahead – Reuters

Global Markets Week Ahead: The volatility puzzleReuters

Global Week aheadNordea (pdf)
While markets are still waiting for cues about possible decisive ECB intervention evidence on the performance of the global economy remains in focus. Next week’s macroeconomic releases and events are, in our view, generally likely to give further support to risk appetite in financial markets.

Weighing the Week Ahead: A Lull Before the Storm? A Dash of Insight

Starting the Week – RCS

Key Events In The Coming Week – Goldman Sachs / ZH

Weekly PreviewBNY Mellon

Weekly Focus: Bouncing at the bottomDanske Bank (pdf)

– The Short Side of The Long

Summary of Big Picture ViewsMarc to Market

Currency Positioning and Outlook Marc to Market

The Weekend T Report: – TF Market Advisors

Weekly Credit UpdateDanske Bank (pdf)

EMEA Weekly, Week 34Danske Bank (pdf)

Highlights from Monday’s FTfmalphaville / FT

Emerging: Week Aheadbeyondbrics / FT

FX Forecast Update Aug (34 slides)Danske Bank (pdf)

Emerging Markets Briefer Aug (19 pages)Danske Bank (pdf)

Global Scenarios: Stuck in the mud Danske Bank (pdf)
Once again the recovery has been derailed and the outlook remains subdued * Many roadblocks to be passed before euro crisis tapers off * Tight financial and fiscal conditions keep euro area in recession * High uncertainty to keep US growth below trend despite better fundamentals * China has room to manoeuvre, policy stimulus to lift growth by year-end * Policymakers digging deeper in toolboxes – central banks to ease further

Yield Forecast Update Danske Bank (pdf)

US 2012 election – an overviewDanske Bank (pdf)

Economic Calendar –
Monthly Economic Calendar –
Economic Calendar – BB
EU calendar –


Debt crisis: live – The Telegraph
Europe Crisis Tracker – WSJ
Tracking Europe’s Debt Crisis – NYT
FX Options Analytics – Saxo Bank

Case Tuomioja avautuu
Tuomioja brittilehdelle: Suomi on valmistautunut euron hajoamiseen – HS
Tuomioja tylynä EU-päättäjistä: "En luota näihin ihmisiin" – TE
Liveblogi: Tuomiojan eurokommentit nousivat otsikoihin maailmalla – TE
Tuomioja Telegraphille: Suomi varautuu euron hajoamiseen – Talsa
Daily Telegraphin toimittaja: Suomalaispoliitikot naiiveja – HS

Stubb: Tuomiojan lausunnosta haittaa Suomelle – YLE
Tuomioja ajaa heikkoa EU:ta – Petri Sarvamaa (Kok)

Paavo Väyrynen pitää Tuomiojan europuheita tärkeänä avauksena – YLE
Väyrynen: Oma valuutta euron rinnalle – YLE

Suomi nollapisteessä – T&T

Soini: Euron puolustajat saisivat laittaa omia rahojaan likoon – TE

EU ottaa VM:n ennusteen pois Urpilaisen kontrollista – SK
EU:n uudet budjettipykälät veisivät valtiovarainministeri Jutta Urpilaiselta (sd) mahdollisuuden puuttua johtamansa ministeriön talousennusteeseen. Suomen hallitus jarruttaa komission asetusehdotuksen käsittelyä.

Kenen lippua kannat, Soini? – SS
Moni näkee Euroopan olevan nyt Suomelle velkaa, mutta oikeasti me olemme velkaa Euroopalle lähes kaiken. (kirjoittaja on Savon Sanomien kesätoimittaja)

Missä rehelliset valtiomiehet? Tosiasioiden kieltäminen EU:ssa aiheuttaa hankaluuksia – SK

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