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Monday, August 20

20th Aug - US Open: Ze Germans again...

Today's latest ECB rumor shot down by ze Germans. This is probably a very good time to start shorting the Spanish bonds across the curve - not much room for improvement left anymore. In my previous post I outlined the technical ranges for some markets: in SPX a probable good buying level is around 1408.

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EU leaders may soon have to choose between keeping the euro and maintaining democracy, says Mats Persson.

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SocGen: there is a good chance that the EU will seize the opportunity to impose deep and meaningful reforms on Italy – something that at the moment all the political parties inside Italy appear keen to avoid.

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There’s probably some conflicting motives among policymakers because while we’ve seen that the central government stimulus talk indicates a doubling down on the imbalanced growth strategy — growing through capital investment rather than consumption — there’s also a big political imperative to try to make property prices more affordable.

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Revisiting Stocks For The Long RunThe Big Picture
We have called this generation’s outperformance of bonds over stocks the biggest investment theme everyone has gotten wrong. Over the years, when we note this, many say this is the most bullish argument they have ever heard for stocks, as this trend has to reverse. However, as the tables above highlight, this argument has been made for years and been wrong for years.

Equity Review: Will the end of summer stir the market?Saxo Bank
The performance discrepancy between US and European stocks seems to be rapidly closing with the Stoxx 50 gaining more than 10 percent in the past month versus 4 percent for the S&P500. And while the S&P has been a strong performer, Europe is finally catching up but the big question is: will it last?

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