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Monday, August 6

6th Aug - US Open

Here we go! Another post-traumatic week is here!

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  SPD signals it could be willing to accept eurozone debt pooling

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Europe is like 19th century Japan Svenska Dagbladet
A fragmented territory controlled by local potentates with a weak central government that is not taken seriously by the rest of the world: the EU now resembles Japan in 1860s, argues a Swedish journalist. But the construction of a real European political power could prove to be counter-productive.

Wonkbook: Europe crawls forwardWonkblog / WP
Good summaries of recent articles on Europe

Euro zone gymnastics MacroScope / Reuters
All roads point to September, once the German constitutional court has presumably cleared the way for the bloc’s ESM bailout fund to come into being. At some point after that, Spain could ask for help from the fund to lower its borrowing costs rather than seek a sovereign bailout and, from what Draghi has said, the ECB could pile in behind. If that joint action turned the tide in Madrid’s favour it’s possible that Italy, which after all is running a primary surplus, would be taken out of the firing line.

What’s a credit trader to do?alphaville / FT
All well and good, but what does the delayed positive reaction to the European Central Bank’s press conference last Thursday mean for credit markets? The message from the ECB was that it would act (on the short end of the curve) in sovereign markets if Spain (or Italy for that matter) were to request assistance. How does one position for that?

Europe's Question Of Today: “If They Will Fund And How?”; The Question Of Tomorrow “Can They Afford It?”Mark Grant / ZH
The banks in Europe dwarf the sovereigns with balance sheets three times larger than of all of the EU nations and with Spain having now fallen and Italy about to go; just how much that can be afforded is quickly coming into the focus of many money managers.

(audio 17min) BizDaily: Germany to blame?BBC (mp3)
Did strong eurozone nations like Germany help cause the crisis by lending too much to the weak ones? And we hear about a blood test that may show whether cancer might develop - long before any tumours are present. Plus what do management consultants and buffaloes have in common? Answer: they both charge a lot.

What to do for the rest of 2012?Humble Student
What should we make of this volatile stock market? Just as it seems that the market starts to move in one direction, it reverses course and violently punishes the traders to try to catch the breakouts or breakdowns. I present my base case scenario below, otherwise known as my wild-eyed guess for the remainder of 2012.

Weekly Market CommentaryHussman Funds
stock market and the economy, US-centric.