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Thursday, August 23

23rd Aug - US Close: Turning Point

 Plenty of charts today:

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Europe and China in a recession

The Bloomberg Consumer Comfort index & SPX
Uptrend intact, but channel low is far below...
Pullback to resistance levels possible - short there
The EURUSD is tickling the trendline

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  Equities Plunge Most In A Month As Gold And Treasuries Extend Gains

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The Finns are being hard-nosed because they face their own hardshipThe Economist
Finns may not be dreaming of a future outside the single currency, but their reluctance to help makes them a prime example of the “rescue fatigue” now afflicting much of northern Europe (including the Netherlands, which has an election of its own next month). That constraint is one reason why markets’ sunny mood about the euro crisis may not last far into the autumn.

The Finn red line The Economist
Finland has least to gain from a grand bargain to save the euro. That could prove a big problem

Goldman’s Ex-ECB economist predicts euro bank bailout via unlimited ECB short-dated interventionCredit Writedowns

Is Germany Entering a Recession?John Mauldin / The Big Picture

Interpreting Angela Merkel: The subversive chancellorThe Economist
A new book argues that Angela Merkel only values her own power

EMEA Weekly, week 35Danske Bank (pdf)

Fed minutes suggest strongly that QE3 is coming in SeptemberKiron Sarkar / The Big Picture

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