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Thursday, August 9

9th Aug - US Close

Another dull day - EURUSD was weak, but SPX failed to follow. God I wish we were already in the end game of the euro crisis. My guess is September will be decisive  no more muddling through.

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ECB's Greek Fudge: Nutty and Stale?Marc to Market
The ECB has made some decisions regarding Greece that clearly indicate it does not want to push Greece out of monetary union. It has gone so far as to essentially allow the Bank of Greece to fund the Greek government.

Tempted, Angela?The Economist
A controlled break-up of the euro would be hugely risky and expensive. So is waiting for a solution to turn up

Breaking up the euro area: The Merkel memorandumThe Economist
Angela Merkel, the German chancellor—and also, in effect, the euro area’s boss—has always insisted that she wants to preserve the euro area in its current form.

Draghi’s planThe Economist
A lot of things have to go right for the ECB’s bond-buying plan to succeed

It starts: first Asian bank mulls British exit from the EUThe Telegraph
So we have a new term: BRIXIT. Japan's biggest bank Nomura has issued an 11-page study evaluating the likelihood that the UK will leave the European Union entirely or partly.

The choice facing Europe: Conformity or Diversity?Open Europe
This op-ed from Berthold Kohler - one of FAZ’s editors-in-chief - is definitely worth a read. We've translated the key bits below.

Increased financial fragmentation is making the goal of stronger Eurozone integration elusiveSober Look
Quick version from the ECB’s report I posted earlier today.

Greek Parliament Speaker Hires His Daughter During His Only Day On The JobZH

Your Complete Guide To The Coming Fiscal Cliff ZH
Goldman Sachs’ research report

Forget The Fiscal Cliff, Here Comes The Corporate Bond Maturity WallZH
next few years show a rather dramatic wall of corporate bond maturities that will need to be refinanced (or paid down). Is it any wonder that corporations are keeping their cash-piles high and not just hose-piping it out to shareholders or M&A?

The “What if” Games BeginTF Market Advisors
For myself, I still think 1,425 is a good target, but above 1,410 I start selling again. I think the “what if” analysis is what will push us to those targets.

The power of faithThe Economist
Equity markets are rallying again on hopes of central-bank action

Air cargo volume indicator points to weakening of industrial activitiesASA
Nomura’s chart of manufacturing activity vs. air cargo. Cargo leads and industrial production is about to tumble?

EMEA Weekly, Week 33Danske Bank (pdf)